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Parenting and Unschooling Counseling

Jan Hunt has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and twenty years of experience sharing fresh perspectives and creative win-win solutions with parents around the world. She is the author of The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart and co-editor of The Unschooling Unmanual.

Note: Jan is taking a hiatus from her counseling service to work on a new book based on our Parenting Cards. She is still available for media interviews.

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Testimonials from Clients

"Jan gave me great advice at a time when I was exhausted and demoralized. Her support was invaluable. She gave me concrete things to try that fit with my values and a welcome reminder to dig deeper beyond behaviours. My relationship with my daughter is better for it. The next time I need a fresh perspective, I will not hesitate to seek her counsel." - Brandeen

"I was very lucky to find Jan, as a counselor, while my child was still an infant. I am a single parent and I have relied on Jan's help many times! I love the attachment parenting way that Jan has shown me. It has built a solid trusting relationship between me and my child through the years. I feel my daughter has a very secure inner core due to Jan's advice. I am so grateful for finding and speaking to her." - Karen

"I am doing so much better since we talked and I read all the material you suggested. I'm sure you know you touch a whole lot of lives, but I wanted to let you know you touched mine and thus have touched my son's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - J.R.

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Professional Recommendations

"Jan has so much to say and to give and so many need her knowledge desperately. Parents rarely find the essential, precious information she could give them."

Alice Miller,

"Families are lucky to have available to them someone so sensitive and knowledgeable about early parenting issues. She is a caring person you can trust and one who will respect the preferences of your own individual family."

Peggy O'Mara,
Editor & Publisher, Mothering Magazine

"Jan is a most diligent, energetic, and well-informed person with regard to children's issues. Moreover, she can communicate her ideas in an engaging fashion that does not put parents off."

Dr. Elliott Barker,
Director, Canadian Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children