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Counseling with Jan Now Available

Jan Hunt has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years of experience sharing fresh perspectives and creative solutions. Parenting can be easy and joyful!

Featured Article - Back to School... or Not? by Jan Hunt

"It's fall, and everyone's thoughts turn to school. Or do they? More and more families are discovering that learning doesn't have to mean boredom and misery; it can instead mean joyful discovery..."

Quote of the Month: September

"What is lovely about children is that they can make such a production, such a big deal, out of everything, or nothing..."

Mobile Progress Update

All of our articles, our recommended books and films sections, featured videos, and quotes of the month are now mobile-friendly, with other areas of the site to follow!

New Article - Child Care: Wishful Revisionism by Joan Beck

"Mothers of young children are taking jobs in unprecedented numbers and they want to know that what they are doing is all right..."

Featured Article - Daditude by Lu Hanessian

"Dads have something within them that they may not realize. An intangible force that's as powerful and as valuable as mother's intuition..."

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child advocacy since 1996

Our vision is a world in which
all children are
respect, understanding,
and compassion.
In such a
world, every child

can grow
into adulthood
with a generous
capacity for love and trust.

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