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Parenting Advice Column

This is an archive - the parenting advice column not currently active.

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Should older sibling leave the family bed when baby arrives?
"Should I report suspected child abuse?"
Five-year-old is bullying children in playgroup
Six-year-old resists using toilet
Discipline techniques for an older child
Toddler screams when waiting for turn at gym class
Toddler resists tooth-brushing
Church babysitter is disrespectful of toddler
7-month-old baby screams to be held
Handling a one-year-old's anger
Unschooling Boy Only "Wants to Play"
Attachment Parenting Despite Medical Obstacles
Mom feels guilty about past mistakes
Parents plan to unschool/3-year-old asks for school
Is family co-sleeping an excuse for avoiding sex?
Father asks when co-sleeping should end
Weaning a two-year-old
12-year-old worried about the "Year 2000"
Mom wants help from readers on the decision to homeschool
Mom wants online source for Halloween costumes
10-month-old baby is swatted; witness wants advice
3-year-old boy wants to wear dresses
Mom seeks alternatives to time-out
Is it possible to make up for early parental mistakes?
9-year-old girl has temper tantrums and school problems
Parents try "controlled crying"
Mom questions clinic's advice
Single mother reluctantly considers day care
Grandparents raising grandchildren
Should Mom take a 2-week vacation away from her children?
7-month-old won't sleep/Mom exhausted
3-year-old boy is mean to 1-year-old sister
Mom responds to spanker
Parent recommends "biblical spanking"
Parents criticized for "coddling" 5-year-old son
Adoptive mother ponders attachment disorders
Three-year-old refuses to potty train/throws tantrums
Dad praises son for not crying
9-year-old lies
Toddler reacts to excessive separation
Baby throws objects / Baby disturbs parents' sleep in family bed
Single mom and fiance' disagree on parenting issues
Mom denounces "cry to sleep" approach
Will child ever potty-train?
Mom offended by comment on thumb-sucking
Toddler battles mom during dressing and washing
In-laws interfere with mom's parenting
18-month-old starts hitting
2-year-old starts head-banging during tantrums
Is 11-year-old daughter too quiet?
4-year-old is angry at caregivers
Adoption resources wanted
Breastfeeding baby refuses bottle
Angry 4-year-old
Panic disorder in 4 year old
Visitation problems
Six-year-old boy develops a stutter
Willfulness in the "terrible twos"
Shopping with toddler
Teacher embarrasses child
Is child oversensitive?
Granddaughter has cancer
Closely-spaced children/bored with toys/co-sleeping
Smoking during pregnancy
Divorced parents disagree on co-sleeping issue
Hitting and tantrums at preschool
Sleep training
Is a crying child manipulating the parent?
Constipation Problems for Toddler
When will child leave the family bed?
Bonding after delayed breastfeeding
Temper tantrums
Multiple personality disorder
Son disrespectful at school
Potty training/nighttime needs
Effects of marital separation