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The Unschooling Unmanual Nurturing Children's Natural Love of Learning

The Unschooling Unmanual

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Through engaging personal stories and essays, eight writers offer inspiration and encouragement for both seasoned and prospective unschoolers.

This 2nd edition includes Jan Hunt's article "Ten Tips for New Unschooling Parents".

The book features writing by Jan Hunt, Nanda Van Gestel, Daniel Quinn, John Holt, Rue Kream, Kim Houssenloge, Earl Stevens, and Mary Van Doren. Edited by Jan Hunt and her unschooled son Jason.

6" x 9", 112 pages.

"Reading this book is like attending an unschooling conference or, even better, sitting around with a group of unschool­ing friends and talking about the life. The contributors are top-notch, it's an easy read, and it does what Jan Hunt's work always does: it inspires you. Thank you, Jan and Jason, for this worthwhile addition to the literature of the movement." - Susan Gaissert

"A great introduction to unschooling." - Rita Brhel, The Attached Family  Full review

"Packed with great passages and quotes that reinforce your choice to work with your children and not on your children to help them learn." - Pat Farenga, President, Holt Associates Inc.  Full review 

"First-person stories and straight-forward language make The Unschooling Unmanual readable and reassuring." - Home Education Magazine  Full review

"A unique and empowering book." - Dayna Martin  Full review

"A concise, readable and accessible manifesto for natural learning and trust in children." - Arun Pradhan, The Parenting Pit  Full review

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