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Articles on Gentle Guidance

Peter Haiman The Case Against Time-out
Thomas Gordon Children Don't Really Misbehave
Jan and Jason Hunt Creating a Peaceful World through Parenting
Jan Hunt The Dangers of Holding Therapy
Inbal Kashtan Down the Slide, or Up the Anger Escalator?
Jan Hunt "No Broccoli Until You Finish Your Ice-Cream!"
Robin Grille Emotions are Not Bad Behavior
Richard Grossman Giving Your Child "Voice": The 3 Rules of Parenting
Robin Grille "Good" Children - at What Price? - The Secret Cost of Shame
Thomas Gordon How Children Really React to Control
Jan Hunt "I Was Spanked And I'm Fine!"
Jan Hunt It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child
Jan Hunt Looking Past the Behavior
Jan Hunt The "Magic Words" Must be Spoken from the Heart
Spanish translation
Portuguese translation
Robin Grille Natural Born Bullies
Rue Kream Natural Consequences
Jan Hunt Nurturing Cooperation Through Empathy
John Holt On Discipline
Pam Leo "One, Two...": Teaching Through Love Instead of Fear
Jan Hunt The Parenting Golden Rule
Spanish translation
Jan Hunt The Parenting Magic Words
John Valusek People are Not for Hitting and Children are People Too
Tamara Parnay "Problem Child"?
L. R. Knost The Problem with Punishment
Marshall Rosenberg The Protective Use of Force
Pat Törngren Raising a Polite Child
Robin Grille Rewards and Praise: The Poisoned Carrot
Don Fisher Some Thoughts On Spanking
Pam Leo Teaching Children Respect
Rue Kream Temper Tantrums
Jan Hunt Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids
Jan Hunt Ten Ways We Misunderstand Children
Sidney D. Craig Thoughts on Punishment
Jan Hunt The Trouble with Rewards
Jan Hunt Twelve Ways to Grow a Happy Child
Jan Hunt Twenty-Two Alternatives to Punishment
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Polish translation
Jesper Juul Violence Is Violence
Alice Miller
Violence Kills Love: Spanking, the Fourth Commandment
and the Suppression of Authentic Emotions
Robert Mendelsohn What You Should Expect of Your Child
Jan Hunt When a Child Has a Tantrum
Inbal Kashtan When a Child Says "No"
Lauren Lindsey
When It All Falls Apart: Toddlers, Tantrums and Turmoil
Jan Hunt When We Have to Say "No"
Jan Hunt "What Do You Say?"
James Kimmel Why Do We Hurt Our Children?
Ginger Carlson Yes Days
Elisabeth Hallett "You Don't Really Feel That Way!"
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