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Articles on Child Advocacy
Alice Miller Adolf Hitler: How Could a Monster
Succeed in Blinding a Nation?
Jan Hunt Age Discrimination Endangers Human Rights
for Young and Old Alike
Joan E. Durrant Child Abuse in Sweden
Alice Miller Childhood: The Unexplored Source of Knowledge
Jan and Jason Hunt Creating a Peaceful World through Parenting
Alice Miller Cruelty or Tenderness
Inbal Kashtan Down the Slide, or Up the Anger Escalator?
Alice Miller "Éduquer Sans Frapper" (French)
Jan Hunt Elián: What Have We Learned?
Alice Miller The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society
Alice Miller Every Smack is a Humiliation - A Manifesto
Elliott Barker How Do We Prevent Crime?
Irene van der Zande How to Intervene:
The Safety of Kids is Everybody's Business
Adah Maurer and
James Wallerstein
The Influence of Corporal Punishment on Crime
Jan Hunt Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place
Part 1: Is It Our Business?
Jan Hunt Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place
Part 2: What Can We Do?
Mary Lansing Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place
Part 3: A Counselor Intervenes
Mary Lansing Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place
Part 4: No Mas!
Jan Hunt Is It Time to Change the Law?
Noreen Taylor "It is Never Right to Hit a Child"
(interview with Alice Miller)
Jan Hunt The Kids' Project: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Dayna Martin Love It Forward
Jan Hunt The "Magic Words" Must be Spoken from the Heart
Spanish translation   Portuguese translation
Robin Grille Natural Born Bullies
John Holt The Needs and Rights of Children: Steps to Take
Jan Hunt A New Way of Seeing Children
Jan Hunt No Room for Kids?
John Holt On Seeing Children as "Cute"
Alice Miller An Open Letter to All Responsible Politicians
Jan Hunt Open Letter to NBC Re: "The Baby Borrowers"
Alice Miller The Origins of Torture in Endured Child Abuse
Audrey Mantey Parenting and Diplomacy
Video Parenting For A Peaceful World
Elliott Barker
and B. Shipton
The Partial Psychopath
Jordan Riak Plain Talk About Spanking
Elliott Barker Prisons, Psychopaths, and Prevention
Alice Miller
The Roots of Violence
Elliott Barker The Social Causes of Crime - Overview
Alice Miller Society has Protected the Adult and Blamed the Victim
James Kimmel Some Thoughts On Columbine
Alice Miller Twenty-one Points
Alice Miller
Violence Kills Love: Spanking, the Fourth Commandment
and the Suppression of Authentic Emotions
Jan Hunt What Can We Learn from Sandy Hook?
Andrew Vachss You Carry the Cure In Your Own Heart
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