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Articles on Learning

John Breeding A Few Simple Truths About ADHD and Stimulant Drugs
Thomas Armstrong ADD: Does It Really Exist?
Joyce Fetteroll All They Want to Do is Play
Jason Hunt Always Unschooled
John Holt The Baby Is Not "Getting Ready"
Jan Hunt Back to School... or Not?
Video Bring On The Learning Revolution! (TEDTalks)
Jan Hunt Can a Single Parent Unschool?
Video The Child-Driven Education (TEDTalks)
Robert Mendelsohn The Child Who Never Sits Still
John Holt Common Objections to Homeschooling
Marlene Bumgarner A Conversation with John Holt
Jan Hunt Conscious Parenting Summit Unschooling Interview (Audio)
Jan Hunt Deschooling a Parent: Learning to Trust
Video Do Schools Kill Creativity? (TEDTalks)
John Breeding Does ADHD Even Exist?: The Ritalin Sham
Peter Gray Doing More Time in School
Susannah Sheffer Doing Something Very Different: Growing Without Schooling
Mel Allen The Education of John Holt
Jan Hunt / Pam Laricchia Exploring Unschooling Podcast (Audio interview)
Elisabeth Hallett Gifted, Talented... and Devastated
David Keirsey The Great A.D.D. Hoax
Jason Hunt (Interview) Grown Without Schooling
Jan Hunt How do Unschooling Parents Know their Children are Learning?
John Taylor Gatto

How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why

Pam Sorooshian How to Unschool
Pam Sorooshian I Live Therefore I Learn: Living an Unschooling Life
Thomas Armstrong IKSWAL: Interesting Kids Saddled with Alienating Labels
Margaret Phinney Invented Spelling
Jan Hunt Is "I Love Lucy" Educational?
Peter Gray Is Real Educational Reform Possible? If So, How?
Robin Grille IQ Is Only Half The Picture:
Cultivating your Child's Emotional Intelligence
Part 1
   Part 2   Part 3
Jan Hunt "Learning Disability": A Rose By Another Name
Jan Hunt "Learning Disorder"? Just Say No!
Jan Hunt Learning Through Play
Peter Gray The Many Benefits for Children of Playing Video Games
Jan Hunt "Mommy, I Want to Go to School!"
Peter Gray The Most Basic Freedom is the Freedom to Quit
Susannah Sheffer Museums: An Alternative Model
Karen Lee Natural Strewing
Jan Hunt Nurturing Children's Natural Love of Learning
John Holt The Right to Control One's Learning
Jan Hunt School Grades: Helpful or Harmful?
John Holt School is Bad for Children
Grace Llewellyn School is not for Learning
Daniel Quinn Schooling: The Hidden Agenda
Jan Hunt Subjective Vs. Objective Labels: A Plea for Occam's Razor
Dayna Martin Talking About Unschooling (radio interview)
Jennifer Van Laanen Teaching Your Baby American Sign Language
Video 10 Questions for Neil deGrasse Tyson
Sandra Dodd Unschooling: You'll See it When you Believe It
Peter Gray Unsolicited Evaluation is the Enemy of Creativity
Earl Stevens What is Unschooling?
Jan Hunt When does Guidance become Manipulation?
Margaret Phinney Whole Reading
Peter Gray Why Children Protest Going to School: More Evolutionary Mismatch
Rue Kream Why Choose Unschooling?
Peter Gray Why Don't Students Like School?
Thomas Armstrong Why I Believe that Attention Deficit Disorder is a Myth
Kim Houssenloge Why I Chose Unschooling
Peter Gray Why Our Coercive System of Schooling Should Topple
John Taylor Gatto Why Schools Don't Educate
Amy Childs Why Unschool? (Podcast)
Jan Hunt Why Unschooling?
Dayna Martin Why Unschooling Doesn't Come Naturally
Peter Gray The Wisdom of Hunter-Gatherers
Rosalind Rossi You Have to Trust that the Child will Learn
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