Parenting Cards

Parenting Cards

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Our Parenting Cards offer gentle sug­gestions for parenting with love and delight.

Each of the one hundred small cards features a unique reminder about compas­sionate parenting, with a full-color logo on the oppo­site side. Each card is 3.5" x 1". Each set includes all 100 cards, a hand-woven Guate­malan pouch, and an information sheet.

The Parenting Cards were created by Jan Hunt, the director of The Natural Child Project, author of The Natural Child and A Gift for Baby, and co-editor of The Unschooling Unmanual. She also offers counsel­ing on attachment parenting and unschooling.

Guatemalan Pouches

Each set of cards comes with a hand-woven Guatemalan pouch from Maya­Works, a fair-trade company.

Choose your preferred color when ordering and we will do our best to match it.

Using the Parenting Cards:

  • Draw a card for inspiration or encourage­ment.
  • Draw a card to start the day.
  • Share a card with your child.
  • Put a card on your fridge or bulletin board.
  • In gatherings, let each person draw a card and relate it to their own experience.
  • Give the cards as gifts to anyone who cares for children.
  • Draw a card as part of your bedtime routine.

Stories from families

"What a wonderful gift to give yourself and your children. I pick a card up every day to listen to its wisdom - it only takes a second to read, and the benefits last all day." - Lori Thompson

"I highly recommend Parenting Cards. In fact, I believe that no loving, child-centered, free-thinking home should be without them." - Susan Gaissert  Read full review

"It is wonderful for parents and all those who have contact with children to have at their fingertips these helpful reminders that children require under­standing, tenderness and a nurturing attitude from others in order to grow appropriately and well." - James Kimmel, Ph.D.

"I love the cards! They really help me gain a new perspective when the chaos gets overwhelming!" - Evelyn Plessinger

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