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Taco sur Arbre (Taco on Tree)
Colored pen
Virginie D.
Age 10
Scy-Chezelles, France
Coucher de Soleil Ros?
(Sleeping by the Rosy Sun)

Pauline R.
Age 9
Scy-Chezelles, France
La Maison aux Aquariums
(The House with the Aquariums)

Colored pen and stickers
Amélie J.
Age 9
Scy-Chezelles, France
Tâches d'Encre (Ink Spots)
Colored ink
Matthieu C.
Age 3
Scy-Chezelles, France
Der Kleine Fisch (The Small Fish)
Lina-Marie F.
Age 7
Hannover, Germany