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Telephone Counseling with Jan
Jan offers parenting and unschooling counseling worldwide by phone.
Learning can be easy and joyful!
The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart
With its clear focus on mutual respect, The Natural Child offers a
loving and respectful approach to raising a happy, trusting and
confident child.
A Gift for Baby
A charming and beautifully illustrated children's picture book that
celebrates the many joys of attachment parenting.
Parenting Cards
100 unique, gentle reminders for parenting with love and delight.
The Unschooling Unmanual
Through personal stories, examples, and essays, eight writers offer
inspiration and encouragement for experienced and prospective
unschoolers alike.

"I consider Jan Hunt's writing as exceptionally clear, based on facts, and coming out of her own experience. Parents rarely find in the press the essential, precious information her work could give them. I very much hope that her strong voice will become more and more known in the world through her lucid, well-informed writing."

- Alice Miller


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