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Jan Hunt focuses on finding solutions that respect all family members. She has over twenty-five years of experience as a counselor and author. Parenting can be easy and joyful!
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Our vision is a world in which all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion.
In such a world, every child can grow into adulthood with a generous capacity for love and trust. Our society
has no more urgent task.
(The Natural Child Project mission statement, ©1996)

Quote of the Month - October

On living with chimpanzees:

"I learned the importance of contact, affection and play. Reassurance. And the importance of distracting rather than punishing when the infant is too small to understand, and then gradually teaching rules..."

Read full quote by Jane Goodall

Kangaroo Mother Care: The Magic of a Mother's Touch
by Pat Törngren
Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is for every mother; every baby. The mother's skin is the baby's natural environment, and both physically and emotionally the healthiest place for the baby to be, says KMC researcher Dr. Nils Bergman of Cape Town...
Creating a Peaceful World through Parenting
by Jan and Jason Hunt
Every infant beams when there is peace in the home, and looks perplexed and cries when there is not. To an infant, conflict is a puzzle. As infants, we not only want everyone to get along, we expect it. We are born expecting peace...
Research: Moving together to music with others encourages helping behavior in babies
Whether they march in unison, row in the same boat or dance to the same song, people who move in time with one another are more likely to bond and work together afterward...
Why Unschool? - Podcast led by Amy Childs (13 minutes)
What is unschooling? How does it work? Why does it work?
Includes clips from Jan Hunt, Kelly Lovejoy, Jerry Mintz, Idzie Desmarais, Carsie Blanton, Michelle Loucas, Sandra Dodd and Nikiah Childs.


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Children reflect the treatment they receive.



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