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The Natural Child Project has been a labor of love since 1996, started by parenting counselor Jan Hunt and her son Jason. We have reached many families over the years, but we need your support now to continue our work.

Our current goals include an upgrade to a modern, mobile-friendly website, a sequel to The Natural Child, a book on standing up for children in public places, and more.

Your kind support helps to make our work possible. Thank you!

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"I love love love your web site. Our daughter is twenty-two and our son is twenty. They both are attachment parenting raised babies. They have such empathy for others. I was raised in an abusive home and I knew I would break the cycle. I'm so glad that you and your web site guided us. Thank you so much with tears in my eyes." - JoAnne Gorman

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Children reflect the treatment they receive.

Your kind support makes our work possible.   Donate


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