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I had grown jaded with the flood of parenting books, but The Natural Child is a rare and splendid exception. I think it magnificent; truly, simply, to the point; written with admirable clarity and economy; and of enormous importance at this time of crisis. I can't praise it sufficiently. I will surely sing its praises wherever I speak, and hope it sells a million. It could make an enormous difference were it read widely enough, and I thank you for publishing it.

- Joseph Chilton Pearce,
author of The Magical Child

Jan Hunt envisions a different world for children, and her writing shows parents how to create that world. In prose that is at the same time eloquent and simple, she provides a mix of useful parenting tips that are supported by the philosophy that children reflect the treatment they receive. This is no less than an impassioned plea for the future - not only our children's future, but the future of our way of life on this planet.

- Wendy Priesnitz,
Editor, Natural Life Magazine

The Natural Child is a collection of engaging and instructive essays by Jan Hunt. The essays primarily deal with the difficulties between children and those who care for them. They cover a wide variety of issues, many of which have long been the subject of controversy and debate by child care authorities.

The author makes it obvious that she is a firm believer in attachment parenting, and in the importance of empathizing with children and responding to them with concern, protection, and tenderness. Her essays are grounded in a sound knowledge of child development and her own personal experience as a mother and a child-care professional. They are some of the finest examples in print of how a nurturing attitude to children can lead to appropriate and sane solutions to most of the common conflicts between children and their caretakers. The essays are written in a concise, uncomplicated, and practical style. Ms. Hunt does not fall into the trap, as many authors of parenting books do, of taking sides as to whose needs are more important-child or mother. Her view can be described as an understanding that child and mother are a collaborative unit which functions at its best when the mother is provided with security, care and help from others, including her mate, family, community, and society.

We live at a time when many Westernized nations do not value, or give priority and support to mothers to nurture their newborn. In fact, the conventional infant and child rearing practices in such cultures more often discourage a nurturing attitude and a caring response to infants and young children. Obviously, this is not the case with Jan Hunt. She is above all a teacher. Her essays teach us about the importance of nurturing in children's lives, how to think and act as a nurturing person, and how a nurturing response in the moment benefits child and parent, and in the long run, all of us.

- James Kimmel, Ph.D.

Your book really did change my parenting life. It was the second parenting book I read (right after Dr. Sears' Baby Book). I was amazed that you didn't have to punish kids, or use behaviorism! Heck, you can treat them like you would any other person. It was all news to me. My son was just a few months old when I read it, and it just all made so much sense! I've read lots of parenting books since, just to get a complete grasp on the ideas. Every time I come back to The Natural Child, I'm amazed at how completely I agree with everything. Your book made a huge difference in the way we have parented our now two-year-old. I love being a mom, and every age is my new favorite age. I'm sure our parenting style is a huge factor there.

- Becky

You have made me a better mom and given my children a more trusting environment for their childhoods.


I just wanted to let you know that your book is my bible, which is why I have to replace it! I am an Early Childhood Educator (and MOM!) and worked with pregnant and parenting teens for ten years until I went on maternity leave 3 years ago. Your website and your book The Natural Child has been an inspiration to me and shared with so many teen moms. You are making such a huge difference in the world. Thank you!

- SM

The Natural Child