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Donate to The Natural Child Project Messages from our donors

"You didn't need to thank me... It's quite the opposite, you know: I have to thank you for once having had the urge of changing the way things are, namely concerning childrearing practices, and for creating your amazing website!

"Believe it or not, reading the articles you have available on the Natural Child Project was the key to a huge transformation that took place in my life, along with the birth of my sweet sweet daughter C., who is now 7 months old. Things became so much clearer to me that we've decided that I'm taking a 2 year leave from my job to stay at home with C. - because earning money and being recognized and appreciated by others became so much less important than providing my daughter with all the love she needs to grow into an awesome human being, I'm sure of it now.

"So thank you once again, for being there and for helping us find the way to be better parents and to contribute positively to a society that needs us so much." - Best regards, Marta

"I can't tell you how much your book and website have influenced my parenting and the parenting of friends with whom I have shared your book and articles. I hope you are able to continue the website. I wish I could contribute more. I will have you in my thoughts." - R.D.

"I love your book The Natural Child: Parenting From The Heart. It changed my views of children forever (that and giving birth to my first). I sit here with my second baby 5 mo old and it reminds me that I should re-read the book. My first daughter is almost 5 now. I followed just about everything in your book to a tee. I now have the best well-adjusted 5-year-old you could ever meet." - T.S.

"I hope you get a HUGE response to your call for funds. I just donated $10 and wish it could be more... I have emailed your request to many. Thank you for all your work for children. It has made a profound difference in the world." - H.J.

"The articles on the site have been very helpful and using the ideas has brought more peace and clarity into our conversations with our children." - K.W.

"Thanks need to go to you for all the efforts, love and wisdom you have shared with the world." - S.C.

"Your website is such a comforting resource for me and many other parents. Thanks for all you do!" - T.M.

"It is my pleasure to help out! Please don't let the site end!!!" - M.S.

"I refer friends and clients to The Natural Child Project frequently and want you to stay around!!!  It's a great resource.  Thank you for providing it." - L.S.

"I didn't know how much to give, so I asked my children for their opinion, telling them that your website was of vital importance to me when they were very young and how I would never have home-educated, had it not been for your site. My child then said that this website was really important, so I should donate much more. Good luck with your site. I hope you and your son will even have a better response than now. Your site has been a lifesaver for me and you so very much deserve it to be able to continue. And the world has never needed your work more than it does now." - S.W.

I've posted your link on my Facebook profile because it is the absolute best website I've ever come across. If all parents were to visit your site and read your thought-provoking articles, this world would be a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - A.T.

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