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Eye contact with your baby helps synchronise your brainwaves

Exposure to pet and pest allergens during infancy linked to reduced asthma risk

Breastfeeding may lower a new mom's risk for heart disease

Babies feel pain "like adults"; Most babies not given pain medication for surgery

Children Feel Most Positively about Mothers Who Respect Their Autonomy

Hungry or not, children will eat sweets

Moving together to music with others encourages helping behavior in babies

Higher levels of omega-3 in diet are associated with better sleep

CDC Breastfeeding Report Card 2012

Vaginal deliveries safe for most preterm births

Breast Milk Adjusts for Beneficial Bacteria Over Time

NIH Brain Imaging Study Finds Evidence of Basis for Caregiving Impulse

Childhood Adversity Can Lead To Genetic Changes

Breastfed babies less hostile in adulthood

AAP Policy Statement on Infant Stress

Delaying cord clamping reduces iron deficiency in infants

Exclusively Breastfeeding Mothers Get More Sleep

Time-out and other punishments to be banned in Australian childcare

Like Mama Bears, Nursing Mothers Defend Babies With a Vengeance

Research: Late Talkers Do Fine

Pioneering Mayor Starts Breastfeeding Commission

Fewer Than One-Third of Children Ages 5-15
Will Wake Up to Home Smoke Alarms

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Allergies in Children

The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding

Early Antibiotic Use Can Lead to Increased Risk of Childhood Asthma

Breastfeeding: A Vision for the Future

Bonding hormone seen in new dads, too

Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks

Prenatal and Postpartum Depression in Fathers
and Its Association With Maternal Depression

Both verbal and physical punishment bring child aggression and anxiety

Tulane Researchers Find Spanking Can Make Children More Aggressive Later

Fifteen Years Later: Home-Educated Canadian Adults

Report on Physical Punishment in the United States:
What Research Tells Us About Its Effects on Children

Smoking During Pregnancy Risks Psychosis in Children

Spanked Children Have Lowered IQ Scores

Lactation and Incidence of Premenopausal Breast Cancer: A Longitudinal Study

Pinpointing Cause of Colic:
UT Houston research identifies organism that could trigger constant crying

Babies More Intelligent Than Many Imagine

Mum's the word: The secret to building children's social skills

Breastfeeding lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes 

Studies link maternity leave with fewer C-sections and increased breastfeeding 

Prenatal Nutrition, Postnatal Allergy Protection

Breastfed Children Have Fewer Learning Problems, Mental Health Diagnoses

Fan Use Linked to Lower Risk of SIDS

Close Ties Between Parents and Babies Benefit Young Children

Breastfeeding Increases Sleep Duration of New Parents

Spanking Kids Increases Risk of Sexual Problems as Adults, New Research Shows

Food dyes and sodium benzoate affect children's behavior

Breast milk associated with greater mental development in preterm infants (PDF)

Breastfeeding reduces risk of cavities (PDF)

Apples and fish reduce allergies of babies in the womb

A Novel Clinical Intervention for Severe Childhood Depression and Anxiety (PDF)

Why childhood abuse harms health as adult

Basic Abilities and Play Preferences: Birth to Age 12

Yale Study Links Prenatal Ultrasound to Brain Damage

Breastfeeding Reduces Anxiety into Childhood

Introducing Babies to Solid Foods Too Early Increases Allergy Risk

Infant Crying and Sleeping

Breastfeeding on the Increase in New Zealand

Women Attracted to Men Who Show Interest in Children

Stress in Early Pregnancy Linked to Miscarriage

Music Therapy Helps Sick Babies

Depriving babies of cuddles does long-term harm

Physical discipline makes children anxious and aggressive

Breastfeeding Is Associated with a Lower Risk of SIDS

Spanking Parents may be Unaware of Force

API Calls on Government to Delay Campaign

Emotional Learning in Infants: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Sleep and Other Behavior Problems Linked to Food Additives

Canadian Study Links Spanking to Psychiatric Disorders

Press release: Statement on sleeping locations and sudden death in infants

Breastfeeding and Later Cognitive and Academic Outcomes

The Influence of Corporal Punishment on Crime

Harvard Researchers Say Children Need Touching and Attention 

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