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Note to My Readers

Dear Visitors:

From the website on Primal Therapies in South Africa, run by Pat Torngren, I recently learned that I am mentioned among primal therapists. I was promised that this wrong and misleading information will be corrected but as we don't know exactly when it will happen, I feel obliged to let you know directly that I do not want to be identified with any kind of regressive therapy.

Since 1994, I have not supported Stettbacher's work. Since 1999, I have been trying to remove my preface from the book published by Jean Jenson, because I have learned that primaling as self-help can be dangerous for some persons. Unfortunately, my request has not been carried out by the publisher of Jenson's book.

Those who wish to know more about my current opinions on therapy can visit my website on the Articles page, or my letters to the Forum, as well as read my book Evas Erwachen that will appear in the USA in September 2001, under the title The Truth Will Set You Free, published by Basic Books.

Thank you for your understanding,
Alice Miller