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My husband and I have evolved as attached parents, co-sleepers, and I as an extended breast­feeder through our own instincts, but also from the inspiration, guidance and knowledge of Jan Hunt, her book and her website. We are in a minority amongst friends and acquaintances, and sometimes this can make us, but me in particular, feel isolated and lonely. I do not doubt any more that what we are doing is right for our little girl and for us, but frequent visits to Jan's website and her book are constant sources of encouragement and confidence boosters that help and guide us enormously.

Thank you Jan.

Best wishes,

Dubai, UAE

I just found your site a couple of days ago while looking for info for my online course, I'd just like to say that I think it will be quite interesting, especially the updates and guest writers.

Thank you,

Christi Graham
Colfax, IL

I love, love, love you people!!! Just thought you'd want to know. I am *so* lucky to have found this website!

Best to you & yours,

Joie Cook
San Francisco, CA

This is the very first time I have visited your website, and I have fallen in love with it. I'm placing your link on my website. My site is very new, and I have much work to do on it but I really am impressed with all the work you and your son have done to create such a valuable resource within your website.

Sincerely, Kelly Wolfe

What an amazing website you have. It has been so helpful to me. Keep up the great work. God bless you in all you do.

Debra Workman

This brief note is to let you know that your website has helped me IMMENSELY and has given me hope and the most practical help I have ever received as a parent! I sometimes weep as I read the articles contained here and I have seen the fruit of this compassionate way of parenting in just a few weeks!  I have been a parent for 18 years and have four children ages 18,10,8 and 15 months. I am a Christian and find this style of parenting to be the most "Christlike" I have ever encountered! I personally had never felt comfortable with some of the traditional methods of discipline employed by many well meaning folks. I would like to share more but don't want to overload your e-mail.

Please be assured that you are doing such a wonderful act of kindness and you are really helping people-I thank God for directing me to this website and for restoring my hope and my joy not only in parenting but just being!

"Jesus said,' Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there." Matthew 19:14,15

Mrs. Kelly T.

I want to thank you so much for your site, it has made a profound difference in my life and has enhanced my relationship with my son's to a great degree. I have always been an attachment parent but of course have made many mistakes along the way. Your insights have truly put into words so much of what I believe, and beyond. I have learned A LOT!

Darlene Walsh

I have just found your website and I am thrilled. Everything is wonderful. I have just ordered your magazine and some copies of Whatever Happened to Mother? I started reading it online and couldn't stop. I write a free parenting newsletter that supports breast­feeding, co-sleeping, natural birth/parenting and truly respecting the child and his/her needs. I cannot wait to put information about your site in my newsletter. There is a whole community of AP moms out there who would really love your site. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Tiffany Palisi
Publisher, The Wise Mom

As I write this, my husband and three of our children are snoozing the early morning away in our bed.  Our 9 year old son usually sleeps with his 12 year old brother, but still likes "our" bed best.  Our twin sons are now five years old and in no hurry to move.  My husband and I were discussing the purchase of a new bed to replace the old one, and all the kids (including our teen age daughters) were stricken - "that's the best bed in the house!"  When our oldest children were born, we didn't know there was a "name" for our child rearing philosophy (except "you two are nuts") but we're very glad we followed our hearts and minds and so are our children. Thanks for your very affirming website!

Jan Payne

Thank you for providing this wonderful resource.  It's very encouraging, and I find myself visiting often.

Chris Anne Johnson

What a wonderful, deeply sensible and intelligent site. since the birth of my daughter I am inspired by reading it.

Sandra Lorenz from Berlin, Germany

Love your site! I am the mother of a 12 year old autistic son and 3 year old "typical" daughter. While it is easy to practice AP with my daughter, it is quite difficult with my son. I would love to see some information on how to further adapt AP styles for kids with special needs, especially autistic spectrum disorders. Thanks!

"And there you are, saying we have the moon so now the stars..."

Thank you so much for this site. We are strong believers in attachment parenting. I sometimes feel discouraged because we are swimming against the current in so much of our child rearing. I come to your site every few days to bolster my resolve and strengthen my skills. I know we are raising our son the right way. I would love to connect with any other parents of 3 year olds - to share experiences with. Thanks again.

Christine Schlattner M.A.

My partner and I have just had our first child at home and in exactly the way we wanted. We had a brilliant mid wife which helped tremendously. There is a large number of people out there who are steering people away from bringing up their children naturally and it is reassuring to know that there are organisations out there, such as yours, encouraging parents to follow their own intuition and follow a natural path.

Pete Vincent

This is a great site, I'm glad I ran across it, I have an 11 year old with Muscular Dystrophy, and a 2 year old. So I'm always interested in sites to do with children.

J. Carrington

I'd like to say that, though I am only 17, I have been raised the past 7 or 8 years in a household that encourages the beliefs of Alice Miller and others' teachings. I have seen the impact that dealing with your past (however dark it may be) can have on you. I have watched several people in my life turn their lives around and start living their lives to the fullest, due to many hours of emotionally stressful work. It is not always easy to remember things from the past. Many of these things have been forgotten by the one who keeps them... because their subconscious knows that it is too much work to bring to the surface. I am very thankful to have this knowledge in my life, and I am glad to have such a gigantic head start on life... if it weren't for the few people out there that have voiced their opinions on this subject, I would not be where I am today, nor would many people I care about.

Thank-you for sharing your beliefs, and good luck in the future!
Yours sincerely,

Grand Forks, B.C. Canada

Thank you so much for having such a good, informative website for parents and caregivers of children. Your site was recommended to me by my Lactation Consultant. I am a brand new parent. A lot of the articles dealing with Breast Feeding and Parental Instincts really spoke to me. They helped me feel confident in listening to MY instincts and NOT everyone's "You should / You Shouldn't" criticism philosophies of life. My older family members tend to give me lots to contend with. I know they mean well but I mean well too in doing my best for my new baby as well. I will highly recommend this site to all I know who deal with children. Sincerely Christine N.

SSM, Ontario Canada

I feel very reassured after wandering through this web-site! We started homeschooling our 9-year-old son 2-1/2 years ago and gradually fell into unschooling along the way. Even though I instinctively know that we're doing what's right for our child, it's still sometimes difficult for me to "keep the faith" because my son's development is so lop-sided; i.e., reading at a 9th grade level but still struggling with addition. Thank you for helping me to remember why we chose the unschooling path!

Ogden, UT USA

I think this website is famous. It is in a book that is titled "101 Best Websites for Kids." I love the book and this place.

Campbell, OH USA

Wonderful Site!!!! Happy to see more and more natural families popping up every day! If we left each other to mother as our instincts told us we would all mother "naturally" - We are an AP family and are VERY happy!!! We breast­feed, co-sleep, baby wear, and listen to babies cues! I have a Yahoo group for Co-Sleeping Families. Thanks again for the wonderful site.

Kristen Swart
Mom to 9 month old Skylar
Raleigh, North Carolina USA

I wish had found this site 7 months ago when my son was born! I am a first time mother who has felt overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Fortunately, I do remember what it was like to be very young and NOT feel secure and safe because the adult caring for me felt that I needed to be controlled and trained. Hopefully I have done a much better job of making my son feel that I will always be there for him and that I do my best to understand his needs.

I have not been called "crazy" but I have been told that I need another child to distract me from my son. Several people have told me that I am spoiling him. Now that IS crazy!!! He's so little and so young!!!!

Thanks for the site - it is a site about LOVE!

Sonia Wagner
Centreville, VA USA

What an absolutely wonderful wonderful and beautiful site. I have spent about 4 hours reading your articles so far, and finally I feel there are people out there with views similar to mine.

I especially loved your story called "That Crazy Mother", I related to it so much, as I am often labeled this by my daughters school and other parents. They feel I am being so petty for standing up for such issues like why should she be punished or the whole class for the actions of one child, and telling the teachers that the kids aren't backchatting they are expressing their opinion and have a right to do so.

I am often accused of letting my child do whatever she wants but of course this comes from people who don't know anything of our life, but on the other hand I am constantly told what a lovely well mannered and kind child she is, and I say yes she is thank you and I am so very proud of her she is my angel. As a child I was severely abused and I feel that her being the beautiful person that she is, I definitely do take credit for it, it is the one thing so far in my life I feel I have done right and can be proud of. I agree completely we need to teach adults to be more kind and compassionate to children and the elderly, maybe then we wouldn't have so many people in need of so much therapy, and humans would start to be happy.

Once again your site is an inspiration to me and I am going to draw from your articles and ideas.

Christine Blades
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

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