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Nursing Necklace
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A nursing necklace is a must-have for every breast­feeding and baby­wearing mom. It gives an active, curious child something interesting to hold and play with, making your nursing time calmer and happier for both of you. If your child is poking, twiddling, or easily dis­tracted, try a nursing necklace!

Please note: Although these necklaces are designed to be safe for mother and baby to enjoy together, children should never be left unsuper­vised with any jewelry.

Custom colors are available at no extra cost - please note any color preferences in the "special requests" area of the cart.

The necklaces are made with hand-cut wooden beads and crocheted covers. The oak or apple wood beads are hand­made in Estonia using local, sustain­ably-sourced organic wood. The neck­lace is safe for your baby to touch and chew on.

  • Handcrafted in Estonia
  • 100% natural & vegan
  • Knotted between every bead
  • Materials: wood, cotton, love
  • A perfect baby shower gift
  • Beautiful and fun to wear!

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