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A Gift for Baby Reviews

"This is sure to be a favorite both with parents, babies, toddlers, and children of any age!"

- Naomi Sandoval

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"A Gift for Baby is as much a book for parents as it is for children. Both the text and the illustrations, by Sunny Rosanbalm, operate on two levels... Little ones will love the suspense and repetition, while parents will feel inspired by the concepts and the sense of bliss this book provides. A Gift for Baby is a gift for everyone..."

- Susan Gaissert

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"Delightful! This little book will make you smile every time you read it with your child. It reaffirms the basic truth that above all we need each other, day and night."

- Tine Thevenin, author of The Family Bed and Mothering and Fathering

"A Gift for Baby is a beautifully illustrated picture book that affirms the importance of human contact in early childhood development.  Baby will love to have it read aloud, and will also enjoy the hugs, tickles, caresses, and kisses that will inevitably come with it!"

- Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., author of In Their Own Way, and Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius

"The artwork will delight our little ones, and the text bears a profound message for us Moms and Dads. All we need do is listen and trust. As winsome as it is heartwarming, this book reminds us that the best - and the most important - things in life are free."

Robin Grille, psychologist, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World

A Gift for Baby answers the question, "If babies could talk, what would they say?"  A fun read for parents and their little ones!

- Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, Founders of Attachment Parenting International

"In 1935, the Oxford University Press published a tiny book by Joyce Partridge of the Tavistock Clinic, called Baby's Point of View. I was told, as a medical student, that it was 'worth its weight in gold'. But it had no pictures. This attractive little book has lots of pictures, to be enjoyed by babies and adults alike. A toddler seeing a large gift parcel ponders the things it might contain; but she is clear that each would be a poor substitute for what she really wants - close, loving experiences with mommy and daddy. She knows that people are more important than things. It ends with a lovely surprise. An important message, beautifully presented, and a delightful gift for anyone who loves a small child."

Dr. Peter Cook, MB, ChB, FRANZCP, MRC Psych, child psychiatrist and author of Early Child Care: Infants and Nations at Risk

"In my work, I focus on the importance of how to fulfill our needs compassionately. It isn't easy. We often learn self-defeating ways of fulfilling our needs. I enjoy how this book playfully clarifies how to meet our needs in a natural way."

- Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., Director of Educational Services for The Center for Nonviolent Communication

"Simple, sweet, beautiful, true."

- James McKenna, M.D., Professor of Anthropology and Director of the University of Notre Dame Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory

"At last - a children's book that promotes the truths of attachment/connection parenting in a colorful, easy-to-understand way for toddlers and adults alike."

- John W. Travis, MD, MPH, Co-founder, Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children, Co-author, Wellness Workbook

"A beautifully illustrated story with a clear life-affirming message: children naturally thrive in close connection with their family."

- Andy Sabatino Sanchez, MS, RD, CLE, nutritionist and breast­feeding educator

"This little magical book can transform humanity. A Gift for Baby is a wonderful book for the toddler who finds all her aspirations validated, while at the same time it sums up baby and toddler care for the parents. I would recommend Jan's book for every new parent and as the best hospital give-away for new mothers."

- Naomi Aldort

"This book offers parents an important perspective on the needs of babies and young children: what the latter want and need the most is their mothers.  This simple reality, however, is overlooked by increasing numbers of parents.  Perhaps this book will alert more parents to the profound value of the hands-on nurturing that mothers provide by being available to breast­feed and care for their children."

- Mizin Kawasaki, Author, Mothering with Breast­feeding and Maternal Care

"I just received A Gift for Baby today and it made me cry. To say it is beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- A.P.

"A simple, sweet, loving, natural, and wonderfully human story. The family is so fully and deeply in tune with each other and with nature."

- M.H.

"Finally! A children's book that tells it like it really is - from baby's point of view! All babies (and their parents!) will appreciate the book's message of gentle and loving parenting. Destined to become your family's favorite."

- K.D.

"It's delightful! Just the kind of book I am forever searching for as a new baby gift and to read to my own babies!"

- J.L.

A Gift for Baby