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A Gift for Baby Review

I love getting packages in the mail! I never get tired of ripping them open, even if I already know what's inside.

Today, I tore into A Gift for Baby/Un Regalo para Bebé by Jan Hunt and immediately gathered my babies around me to have a read. My babies, by the way, are five and ten, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a good read! It's always a treat to cuddle together and share a story.

This beautifully illustrated book for little ones is told from the point of view of a sweet toddler who loves mom, dad, and simply to be with them. Each page has just one line of text, in both English and Spanish. I particularly love this as we are a bilingual family and reading both languages helps my girls pick up new vocabulary (much of which was new to me as I have had no occasion to learn words such as stroller, soother, baby bottle and playpen in Spanish).

There is a stunning illustration of the family strolling through nature and the dad is babywearing. How lovely to share such images with our children.

This is sure to be a favorite both with parents, babies, toddlers, and children of any age! As a mom, I came away pleased with the gift in the story. I don't always stop and realize the full value of what I do as I strive to practice Attachment Parenting. Shifting to the child's perspective helps me, as a parent, refocus. Seeing my girls' reactions to the story helped validate the rightness of how we live.

A Gift for Baby