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Quote of the Month - March
by Peter Gray

"Imagine that you had omnipotent powers and were faced with the problem of how to get young humans to practice the skills they must develop to survive and thrive in their local conditions of life..."  Read more

The Benefits of Baby Carrying
by Elizabeth Antunovic

"Being carried or worn in an upright position with proper leg support is not only developmentally sound but often preferable to mothers and babies alike..."  Read more

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Featured article by Jan Hunt:
"No Broccoli Until You Finish Your Ice-Cream!"

"Meals can be a challenging time for parents of young children. Because proper nutrition is so important for a child's physical and emotional health..."  Read more

Featured partner
A cool baby carrier for spring and summer!

Meet the coolest kid on the block, made for active families on the go. Beco Gemini Cool features a moisture-wicking performance fabric with a light 3D mesh panel, for a fresh take on breathable comfort.

  Research: Eye contact with your baby helps synchronize your brainwaves

"Making eye contact with an infant makes adults' and babies' brainwaves 'get in sync' with each other - which is likely to support communication and learning..."  Read more

Parenting Card of the Month

Trust your child.

Our Parenting Cards offer gentle suggestions for parenting with love and delight. 100 unique statements per set.

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