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As everyone knows, the Greek alphabet is still in wide use in many areas such as physics, mathematics, and Greece. Unfortunately, some people have trouble learning and memorizing all of its symbols and their names. Therefore, I propose to modernize the Greek alphabet by updating the names of the letters to more easy-to-remember monikers:

Letter: Original Name: New Name:
Alpha Alpha Alfred
Beta Beta Betcha
Gamma Gamma Grandma
Delta Delta Deli
Epsilon Epsilon Epstein
Zeta Zeta Zebra
Eta Eta Edna
Theta Theta Feta
Iota Iota Yoda
Kappa Kappa Cappuccino
Lambda Lambda Lambchop
Mu Mu Moo
Nu Nu Gnu
Xi Xi 11
Omicron Omicron Formica
Pi Pi Pie
Rho Rho Whoa
Sigma Sigma Dogma
Tau Tau Cow
Upsilon Upsilon Hairsalon
Phi Phi Fido
Chi Chi Chia
Psi Psi Psycho
Omega Omega Ohmygod