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Alice Miller Library
Adolf Hitler: How Could a Monster Succeed in Blinding a Nation?

Childhood: The Unexplored Source of Knowledge

Childhood Trauma

Cruelty or Tenderness

Les racines de la violence
(French version of the "Twelve Points"
section within "Cruelty or Tenderness")

Die Zwoelf Punkte
(German version of the "Twelve Points"
section within "Cruelty or Tenderness")

Alice Miller
"Éduquer Sans Frapper" (French only)

The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society

Every Smack is a Humiliation - A Manifesto

Chaque féssee est une humiliation
(French version)

Jeder Klaps ist eine Demütigung, Ein Manifest
(German version)

Paintings by Alice Miller

Il n'y a pas de « bonne fessée » (French only)

Information for Parents

Informations pour les Parents
(French version)

Information an Kinder und Eltern, die bewusst und erwachsen handeln wollen
(German version)

"It is Never Right to Hit a Child" (interview)

Letter to College Students of all Nations

Letter to Children and Adolescents of all Nations

Mary and Joseph - Parents to emulate. A Message for Christmas 2000

Note to My Readers

An Open Letter to All Responsible Politicians

Lettre ouverte à tous les responsables politiques
(French version)

Offener Brief an alle verantwortlichen Politiker
(German version)

The Origins of Torture in Endured Child Abuse

L'origine delle torture negli abusi subiti nell'infanzia
(Italian version)

The Political Consequences of Child Abuse

Reflections on Spanking

Réflexions sur la "bonne fessée"
(French version)

The Roots of Violence (interview)

Society has Protected the Adult and Blamed the Victim

Twenty-one Points

¿Cómo Creamos la Ceguera Emocional? 21 Puntos
(Spanish version)

Violence Kills Love: Spanking, the Fourth Commandment and the Suppression of Authentic Emotions (interview)

Reviews of Alice Miller's The Body Never Lies:
The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting

Alice Miller's website: The Forbidden Issue

Tribute to Alice Miller (1923 - 2010)


Books by Alice Miller

Is There an Alice Miller Society?

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"Alice Miller makes chillingly clear to the many what has been recognized only by the few: the extraordinary pain and psychological suffering inflicted on children under the guise of conventional childrearing."

- Maurice Sendak