Law (1993:335) regarding the child ombudsman - Sweden

Reference: SFS 1993:335 

1 ? The child ombudsman has the task of looking after matters concerning the rights and interests of children and young people. The child ombudsman shall especially observe that laws and other regulations and their application are in agreement with Sweden's obligations according to the United Nation's Convention on the rights of children. 

2 ? The child ombudsman is supported by a special council. The child ombudsman is the chairperson of the council and leads its activities. The government appoints the child ombudsman and the members of the council for a stipulated period. 

3 ? The child ombudsman shall at once report to the social welfare committee should the child ombudsman in their operations learns that anyone under 18 years of age is maltreated in the home or if there is any other reason where it must be supposed that the social welfare committee needs to intervene to protect a minor. If there is particular cause, notification may be made to the social welfare committee in other situations as well. 

The child ombudsman may provide the social welfare committee with any information which may be of importance for the investigation of a minor's need for protection. (Law 1994:87).

Lag (1993:335) om Barnombudsman

SFS 1993:335 

1 ? Barnombudsmannen har till uppgift att bevaka fr?or som ang? barns och ungdomars r?tigheter och intressen. Ombudsmannen shall s?skilt uppm?ksamma att lagar och andra f?fattningar samt deras till?pning st?mer ?erens med Sveriges ?aganden enligt F?enta nationernas konvention om barnets r?tigheter. 

2 ? Barnombudsmannen bitr?s av ett s?skilt r?. Ombudsmannen ? r?ets ordf?ande och leder dess verksamhet. Regeringen utser ombudsmannen och r?ets ?riga ledam?er f? en best?d tid. 

3 ? Barnombudsmannen skall genast till socialn?nden anm?a om ombudsmannen i sin verksamhet f? k?nedom om att n?on som ? under 18 ? misshandlas i hemmet eller om det i annat fall m?te antas att socialn?nden beh?er ingripa till en under?igs skydd. Om det finns s?skilda sk? f? anm?an till socialn?nden g?as ?en i andra fall. 

Barnombudsmannen f? l?na socialn?nden alla uppgifter som kan vara av betydelse f? utredning av en under?igs behov av skydd. Lag (1994:87). 

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