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Touch the Future

Founded by Michael and Pat Mendizza in 1987, Touch the Future is a nonprofit learning design center working toward optimum learning relationships for children and adults. This unique organization uses communication technologies to help parents, educators, and others who interact with children to understand and apply the latest research on child and human development.

A documentary and educational filmmaker, Michael has worked closely with Joseph Chilton Pearce, applying the psychology of optimum experience to parenting and education.

Touch the Future is currently developing two learning programs:

Nurturing the Early Child, Family & Caregiver:
"A bilingual video/DVD early childhood educational and community support system for parents and caregivers."

United We Play:
In partnership with the
Institute for Play, the goal is to "unify the professional and amateur athletic community with a play-based vision of optimum performance, learning and well-being."

The website includes project information, news items, interviews, and a section called "People" with exceptional short essays by "visionaries" such as by John Gatto, Thomas Armstrong, and O. Fred Donaldson. Books and videos by Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza can be ordered online. The insightful essay "Bonding or Violence" is a must-read.

Touch the Future illuminates long-neglected areas of knowledge. It is a pleasure to feature this excellent organization.

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