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Dr. Thomas ArmstrongDr. Thomas Armstrong is a noted psychologist, speaker and consultant in learning and human development. He is the author of several outstanding books on educational issues, in which he challenges many common assumptions about learning.

His attractive site includes clear, insightful articles on such topics as attention deficit disorder, labels, multiple intelligences, utopian schools, creativity, and 39 kinds of giftedness. The site also offers descriptions of available presentations and workshops, a complete list of his books (available in 15 languages), a list of related sites, and a site search engine. The article "50 Ways to Bring Out Your Child's Best" is especially interesting and useful for attachment parenting families.

Dr. Armstrong believes that the ADD/ADHD concept "gets in the way of our appreciating the wholeness of each child". In his compelling article "Labels Can Last a Lifetime", he offers this helpful perspective:

"The traits that are associated with ADD - hyperactivity, distractibility, and impulsivity - can result from a number of causes. For example, a child may be hyperactive or inattentive because of being bored with a lesson, anxious about a bully, upset about a divorce, allergic to milk, temperamental by nature, or a hundred other things. Research suggests, though, that once adults have labeled and medicated the child - and the medication works - these more complex questions are all too often forgotten. By rushing to drugs and labels, we may be leaving more difficult problems to fester under the surface."

Dr. Armstrong reminds us that "Every child is a genius. That doesn't mean that every child can paint like Picasso, compose like Mozart, or score 150 on an I.Q. test. But every child is a genius according to the original meanings of the word 'genius,' which are: 'to give birth' (related to the word genesis) and 'to be zestful or joyous,' (related to the word genial). Essentially, the real meaning of genius is to 'give birth to the joy' that is within each child. Every child is born with that capacity. Each child comes into life with wonder, curiosity, awe, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility, and many other characteristics of a joyous being... The biggest challenge for parents and teachers is to remove the roadblocks that keep those gifts from being recognized, celebrated, and nurtured."

Visit this informative site to learn more about nurturing every child's capacity for joy and wonder.

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