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Radical Unschooling

Unschooling advocate Sandra Dodd has collected a wealth of exceptional material on natural learning and living. Her site is intriguingly designed "like the tunnels in a prairie dog village", with each link that is chosen leading to other similar links. The site design is a model of the way Sandra envisions the process of natural learning.

A few good starting pages:

Radical Unschooling includes a detailed index of topics, a general introduction to unschooling, and links to related resources. "Playing" written by Sandra, goes to the very heart of unschooling. More of Sandra's articles

Beginning Unschooling: Some ideas offers information for families considering unschooling. This page includes the must-read articles "Change", "What would you tell your pre-unschooling self?" and "Principles of Unschooling". Follow the "Stage" link to the wonderful overview, "The Three Stages of Unschooling".

Unschooling Assistance and Ideas offers help and suggestions for families who know they want to unschool and would like encouraging resources. This page links to numerous resources including a comprehensive list of regional unschooling organizations, essays on "typical days" in unschooling families, Internet discussion lists, audios, photos, news articles, related websites and more.

Excerpt from Interview with Sandra Dodd:

What long-term benefits do you believe unschooling holds for your children?

"That they will be thoughtful, compassionate, curious, kind, and joyful. That's all. That's not asking much, is it? I think if those traits are intact in them, they will continue to learn their whole lives."

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