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Kangaroo Mother Care

The Kangaroo Mother Care website presents the critically important work of Dr. Nils Bergman, a public health physician and hospital superintendent in Cape Town, South Africa.

KMC is defined as having three components: "skin-to-skin contact, exclusive breastfeeding, and support to the mother-infant dyad." While it is especially helpful for premature babies, skin-to-skin contact offers numerous benefits for all infants.

The well-designed website includes detailed information about the KMC program, a history of KMC, research references, and more. A unique and fascinating part of the site is a 33-page, 3-month photo series report of Stohm, a premature infant who received KMC from both mother and father.

Two exceptional videotapes and KangaCarrier shirts, which allow skin-to-skin contact, can also be ordered through the site. While they are especially suited and recommended for carrying premature and low birth weight babies, these attractive shirts can bring the benefits of skin-to-skin contact to all infants.

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