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Joyfully Rejoycing

Brimming over with an abundance of thoughtful responses to common questions, yet amazingly well-organized, this unschooling/parenting site is a gem.

Joyce Fetteroll, the site owner, notes that "people will learn what they need to learn by living life freely and joyfully" and her website reflects this awareness throughout. The site is a collection of Joyce's responses to questions and comments (shown in red) from unschooling lists and message boards, with a few articles by other writers.

The site is divided into 19 sections: Unschooling, Learning, Deschooling, School Subjects, Math, Reading, History, Video Games, Television, Doubts, Socialization, Parenting, Respect, Chores, Food, Sleep, Child Behavior, Responsibility, and No More Spanking. New pages are indicated with red stars.

Especially recommended:

"We may not be able to understand what a toddler sees in mud or banging pots or pulling everything off the table, but we need to trust that what they're finding so fascinating is what they need to explore."

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