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Growing Without Schooling, the original homeschooling magazine founded by John Holt in 1977, was an essential source of information and support for homeschoolers for 24 years. Although it is, sadly, no longer published, the website is still online and is being expanded.

The site includes excerpts from GWS Issues 1 and 2, and all of GWS 32; more material from back issues will be added soon. Also included are an excellent homeschooling FAQ and thoughtful essays on natural learning by Holt Associates president Pat Farenga ("What Is Unschooling?" is especially inspiring). Pat also offers consultations, seminars, and workshop presentations.

Also included are a John Holt biography, bibliography, and selected photos, as well as a list of books by former GWS Editor Susannah Sheffer. Printed back issues, as well as the first twelve issues of GWS bound as Growing Without Schooling Vol.1, can be ordered from Fun Books.

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