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Journal of Empathic ParentingThe acclaimed Empathic Parenting journal was begun by Dr. Elliott Barker, whose illuminating article, "The Social Causes of Crime" appears on our site. Dr. Barker is a forensic psychiatrist and the founder/director of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Since 1978 Empathic Parenting has presented thoughtful essays dealing with the long-term consequences of inadequate nurturing during the first three years of life. The web site includes articles from the past seventeen years of publication, with essays by leading writers on the relationship between early nurturing and crime, and on the social forces related to inadequate nurturing. The site concludes with articles giving "reason to hope", and suggestions for "enhancing affection among all persons in society".

The Empathic Parenting site is a place of wisdom and heart, inviting us to join in their efforts to "make this world a much gentler, kinder and more affectionate place in which to live, not only for our children, but for us all. If you are a mother, a father, a parent-to-be or in any way interested and concerned about children and parenting, you will find here a home from which you may draw inspiration, support and encouragement."

Among the vast number of sites on the Internet, Empathic Parenting stands out as one of the most important, providing critical information on the need for treating children with love and respect if we are to begin solving the challenging problems within our society. We are grateful for it's presence, and urge all of our readers to visit.

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