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Note: Kindred was formerly called Byronchild.

Publisher and Editor Kali Wendorf named her new quarterly magazine Byronchild, in honor of the progressive Byron Bay, Australia area where she lives. The magazine's first issue was published in March 2002.

Regular features include thoughtful editorials, inspiring articles, sections on Community Parenting, Midwifery, Pregnancy and Birth, Trusting Ourselves, Trusting our Children, Health, Teenagers, and Children's Forum, Letters and Opinions, and a special department for fathers called Growing Men. The magazine also includes book reviews, news, local events, and health questions and answers.

The well-organized and attractive website includes the table of contents for all issues to date, previous editorials, selected articles, local outlets, and contact information. Subscriptions can be ordered online, by phone, or by mail. Back issues are available on request.

It's a pleasure to recommend this exceptional publication that aims high and hits the mark with every issue, celebrating children, families, and communities with a sure hand. We welcome Kindred to the attachment parenting community, and hope that many families around the world will discover its riches.

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