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Healthy Parenting, Healthy Baby offers caring encouragement and well-documented information on such topics as colic, dairy allergy, SIDS, crying, spoiling, sleeping, and attachment parenting. San Diego parenting resources and related links are also included.

The site was created by Chiropractor and Pediatric Nutritionist Dr. Linda Palmer, of San Diego, California. Her exceptional new book, Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby, is the latest word on responsive baby care, warmly written and backed up by a wealth of research references and academic articles. An ideal gift for new and expectant parents, Baby Matters offers a thorough discussion of breastfeeding, attachment, nutrition, food allergies, immune protection, and more. The entire first chapter of Baby Matters, "Finding Out What Matters" is a must-read and is available as a free download on the site.

Both the book and the website offer solid research to back up parents' natural, instinctive compassion for their children. Dr. Palmer's dedication and hard work will surely help parents to express that compassion for years to come.

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