Mothering Matters:
The sources of love, and how our culture harms infants, women, and society
by Dr. Peter Cook


Australian psychiatrist Peter Cook has worked and published in the field of child and family mental health for many years. Mothering Matters is his follow-up to Early Childcare: Infants and Nations at Risk.

In Part 1, Dr. Cook presents well-researched evidence that there is a natural, healthy, best-fit pattern of early mothering for the human species. This pattern includes breastfeeding, carrying, attachment, enjoyment, and empathy. In Part 2, he considers how departures from this pattern contribute to emotional, behavioral, and health problems in society as a whole. Part 3 describes how our society could better support healthy mothering and fathering by better understanding and designing the environments in which families raise children.

"I urge everyone with a social conscience to heed Peter Cook's sage words about early childhood. Failure to do so can only result in further damage to the young and the fabric of our society."

- Forrester Cockburn,
Emeritus Professor of Child Health, University of Glasgow, Scotland

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