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July 2014     Published by

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July Quote of the Month

"Children who are respected learn respect. Children who are cared for learn to care for those weaker than themselves. Children who are loved for what they are cannot learn intolerance..." - Alice Miller

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New article:
Creating a Peaceful World through Parenting:
Nurturing Compassion from the Beginning

by Jan and Jason Hunt

"We all hunger for peace. Yet far too often this seems to be just a dream, hopelessly out of reach. Instead of the peaceful life we all want, we have strife in our families, in our communities, and between our nations..."

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What is unschooling?

A new podcast led by Amy Childs includes clips from Jan Hunt, Kelly Lovejoy, Jerry Mintz, Idzie Desmarais, Carsie Blanton, Michelle Loucas, Sandra Dodd and Nikiah Childs.

Listen to the podcast (13 minutes)

Special introductory price:
Boba Mini Doll Carrier

The Boba Mini is designed for carrying dolls and stuffed animals to help spread the joy of babywearing! The Mini is made with 100% cotton, and features a waist buckle and chest buckle to keep dolls happy and secure.

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  Jan Hunt Counseling Service

Jan Hunt offers solutions that respect all family members. She has a Masters degree in counseling and over 25 years of experience. Jan now offers counseling by phone or email. Parenting can be easy and joyful!

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Special offer:
$5 off Children's Art Posters

Order a high-quality poster from any of the hundreds of pictures in our Global Children's Art Gallery, or send in a picture by your own child! The posters measure 20" X 16" and are printed on heavyweight semi-gloss paper.

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Moving together to music with others encourages helping behavior in babies

14-month-old babies were more likely to help someone after bouncing up and down in time to music with that person.

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Unschooling Card of the Month

Jan Hunt and her always-unschooled son Jason have created a set of 100 cards on natural learning. Draw a random card for inspiration, creative ideas, and encouragement!

Look for the humor.

"Thank you so much for this beautiful tool. So much wisdom in such a small package..." - L.M.

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Illustrations are from our Global Children's Art Gallery.

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