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Jan Hunt, M.Sc. is the author of The Natural Child and A Gift for Baby, and co-editor of The Unschooling Unmanual. She offers email counseling worldwide, and telephone counseling within North America, with a focus on compassionate parenting and natural learning. Jan has a Masters degree in counseling and over twenty-five years of experience as a counselor and writer.

Jan offers help with parenting challenges through fresh perspectives and creative win-win solutions. Parenting can be easy and joyful!

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Jan's newest article: "When will my child be ready to...?"

Note: Jan will be available for counseling soon. Please check back here for updates. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Testimonials from Clients

"Jan is truly wonderful. She is just how she instructs us to be with our children - present, attentive and understanding. She was prepared and able to quickly process our situation and she confidently and directly provided excellent feedback and suggestions without judgment. I highly recommend not only Jan but her website and many resources that she makes available. I am so thankful that I found the site and Jan." - C. Harris

"I cannot thank you enough for what you do. Talking to you helped me and my family so much. Your suggestions and information were so helpful. I feel much better overall and so much more confident about unschooling with our two boys. I am sure I will be contacting you in the future. My husband and I continue to reread your book The Natural Child." - V.B.

"I am doing so much better since we talked and I read all the material you suggested. I'm sure you know you touch a whole lot of lives, but I wanted to let you know you touched mine and thus have touched my son's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - J.R.

 "I've received advice from Jan three times, and each time came away feeling re-energized in my commitment to the natural, attachment parenting philosophy. Thanks for offering such a valuable service!" - C.P.

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Professional Recommendations

"Jan is a most diligent, energetic, and well-informed person with regard to children's issues. Moreover, she can communicate her ideas in an engaging fashion that does not put parents off."

Dr. Elliott Barker,
Director, Canadian Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children

"Families are lucky to have available to them someone so sensitive and knowledgeable about early parenting issues. She is a caring person you can trust and one who will respect the preferences of your own individual family."

Peggy O'Mara,
Editor & Publisher, Mothering Magazine

"Jan has so much to say and to give and so many need her knowledge desperately. Parents rarely find the essential, precious information she could give them."

Alice Miller,

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